the Smart Steps App provides excellent Professional training for Inspired Principals and Managers and a Cheerful staff. The Training helps to develop Leadership skills to organize a safe and experience rich environment in a Preschool, manage a positive symbiotic community of Preschoolers, parents and the Society at large besides faculties for upgrading skills whenever required

Goals and Direction

Customized Marketing and Branding support customized to meet Client needs and a Smart Store that supplies learning, playing and setup materials that will ensure the satisfactory meeting of all Goals and Directions

Ongoing Evaluation

Gives access to a thoroughly researched, Indian contextualized, well rounded, age appropriate curriculum, supported by activities and on-going assessment tools. Developing creative, resourceful, caring, happy, confident Children who Read, Write and do Arithmetic is the core of the Curriculum

Secure and Organize

Pre-schools security needs will be covered by provision of CCTV as needed. We provide support for planning and execution of Pre-school events. Also we personalize stationary including registers, report cards, ID cards, etc.

Key benefits of the smart steps app


Smart Curriculum

Experience and Indian context based, well researched, age appropriate weekly Pre-school curriculum provides for 4 years of quality Early Childhood Education.


Smart Assessments

Observation and Interactive Activity-based Assessment methods and tools help you to understand the children's needs and progress. You can use these tools created for Indian Pre-schools easily. This will help to monitor and share the children's progress with their Parents.


Personalized Stationary

Stationary is mandatory to organize and run a successful preschool. Smart Steps app helps you with customized stationary products (e.g. – ID cards, progress card, certificate, teachers’ diary, letterhead, visiting cards etc.)


Smart Events

This Smart Steps App function gives access to guidance and assistance to organize events like Annual Day, Picnics, Sports Day, Birthdays etc,



This function gives access to a Digital learning platform for preschoolers. Various rhymes, stories, videos and learning games for preschoolers are available.

Key benefits of the smart steps app


Smart Worksheets

Worksheets based on the curriculum are available either as soft copies or hard copies as per your demand. These can be customized.


Smart Store

Smart Store supplies learning, playing and set up material for Preschools. The Smart Store can also provide customized materials on request.


Smart Training

Comprehensively trained Pre-school Teachers and Managers are essential to run a successful Pre-school. Smart Steps App provides the best training options.


Smart Marketing and Branding

We make available customized Marketing and Branding support material for promotion of individual Pre-school (e.g. Pamphlets, Banners, Interior and exterior designs)


CCTV Provision

Keeping in mind the safety and security of children, Smart Steps app helps you to connect to a good and trusted CCTV service provider.

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